Tuesday, July 27, 2010

like a prison for the daughter and party for the others

Oh boy...i hate when i have to write a lot. Writing in english is killing me :(
in here, it's called "pingitan", usually held when their daughters are around 9 until 14 years old, a ceremony to symbolize the beginning of the mature-hood. The daughter has to stay in a room, almost naked. She's not allowed to come out for 7 days, even to the bathroom and toilet so every single thing she wants to do, she has to do inside the room. The food will be brought through the door and no body can't see her, even her parents.
In the night before the daughter go into the room, the village elders, the family and also the neighbors are invited to their house. The music is played while the families are dancing, start from the oldest member followed by the younger in "men first then women afterward" order. There's the choir also, to me the song just sounds like a long "eeeeeeeeeeeee" in high and low tones. In these days, only the elders know the meaning.

This is the choir. Unlike the dance that is only held on the first night, the music players and the choir have to keep on playing from dark till dawn during the 7 days.
Hard to imagine, no? :(

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