Saturday, July 17, 2010

friday afternoon

It was started when she brought her daughter to the clinic where i work. We had some chitchat so i knew that she is a tailor. Then i asked if i could fix my clothes, "just bring it to my house" she said.
So last friday, i went to her house (which is very difficult to be found since the traditional houses have the same pattern).She said it wouldn't take long. I decided to wait and during that time took some photos.

It seems like you can put everything on the wall, artist's pictures, family portraits, sewing tools, fake plastic flowers, even your shirts...anything...

This is her dad. He has lived in Ambon, Molluca island since 1956 and he just came to visit her daughters and her grand childrens here. by this time when i post this blog, he would have already in the ship, going back to Ambon.
He told me that he was a clove farmer but the plantation was burned in 1999, when almost the whole city was destroyed in a big chaos.
"First of all it was just about a rascal who coerced a bus driver to give him some money, but this personal matters spread rapidly into religion issues and created a big chaos between Christian and Muslim. But one year earlier, i was told by my nephew that there were many people on the ship who came back from their failed "try to get a better life" from Jakarta. He said, be careful uncle, they would make some chaos in here."
"Whether it was really true or not, in these days we can't absolutely know. But it's better now, although the frictions are not dissapeared yet."
When i asked him what he does for living now, he just said 'just ordinary work'.

here's some articles you can read about the chaos (had tried to insert direct link but didn't work, sorry...):


  1. These photos are just soooooo beautiful and strong also together.
    Thanks for sharing them with us. A very nice blog!!:)

  2. thanks gunn...very nice of you too.. :)