Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sam poo kong temple

captured this about a year ago when i lived 3 months in semarang.
Here is the biggest and the most famous temple in the town as a shrine for China Admiral Zheng Ho (Ceng Ho). Unlike the other shrine, only the prayers are allowed to enter Sam Po Koong temple, but others may enjoy the temple behind the fence.

Zheng Ho arrived in Semarang in 1406 and 1416. When his fleets sailed along northern coast of Java, the second commander, Wang Jing Hong, has got badly ill. Zheng Ho ordered his crew to cast anchor in Simongan coast (at the time Simongan was still sited near the coastal area).
Zheng Ho and his crew found a cave in the hill near coastal area. It was then used as temporary barrack, while in the outside they built a small house for Wang Jing Hong. Wang and ten crews stayed there, while Zheng He continued to his voyages. Wang and his crew married with native woman.

As honorary tribute towards Admiral Zheng He, Wang Jing Hong erected a stone figure of Zheng He inside the cave as a remembrance him. Wang died at the age of 87 and buried next to cave (now next to main hall).

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