Wednesday, October 20, 2010

windows of lawang sewu

The name Lawang sewu means Thousand Doors, but among the local Javanese the name conotates an eerie haunted house with a tragic history. This Dutch colonial building was built in 1863 by C. Citroen. It was the branch office for the Dutch Indonesian train company but when the Japanese invaded in 1942, they used it as a gruesome interrogation headquarter where they jailed and killed a lot of Indonesians. Long standing reports of multiple ghost sightings in this building has turned it into a local destination for young students & tourists who would make their visit on weekend nights to experience this legendary haunted house -taken from

i've tried to capture lawang sewu building several times, but to be honest, i found it's very difficult to get a good perspective and composition and so on. all the pictures just come in plain. have to try harder. next time, wish me luck..

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